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Cases and folders for tools

With different dimensions, shapes and colors, but of recognizable quality, our suitcases are indispensable in the collection of all craftsmen, builders, fishermen, toolmakers, car mechanics. In our assortment, you will surely find the one that suits your needs, and there is also the possibility of  printing for your advertisement.


Large-sized, durable and reliable, the Professional case is intended for professionals, but also for all of you who want more and better for your tool. A favorite among crafters, this case has two separate file folders on the side and a large compartment with a handle.

Dimensions: 500 x 230 x 200 mm.


Durable and compact, this standard-sized suitcase comes with a compartment with a handle. A favorite among craftsmen. 


Practical and harmonious, our smallest suitcase Stil, with its durability and beautiful design, has become an inevitable tool keeper in many households.


Klaser D

A double tool case with larger compartments on one side  and smaller compartments on the other side is an indispensable helper for craftsmen, fishermen and all those who like that even the smallest parts of the tool are safe and neatly classified. It has a handle and covers on both sides. Dimensions: 220 x 370 x 70 mm.

Klaser S

Exceptional quality and design are the main features of this file cabinet, which is completely adaptable to your wishes and requirements. You form its partitions yourself in two steps, and thus you get a case tailored to your needs. It comes with a cover and dividers that you fix yourself by inserting them into the tray. Dimensions: 170 x 370 x 50 mm.

Class Fi

A round tool case that you simply use by unscrewing and screwing one segment into another. It is a favorite among anglers, but it is also popular as a guard for screws and other small tools.

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